Bug In or Bug Out

Bug Out Bag Checklist

Having all of the items you need in your bug out bag is absolutely crucial. Forgetting anything can cause major issues when come a time you need to use your bug out bag. This checklist breaks down all of the items that would be recommended to have in a bug out bag. We will start from the most important and go from there. If you would like some more information on reasons to have a bug out bag look at our extended description here.

High Importance Item Checklist

• Storage
◦ Bug out bag
• Food and Water
◦ Water & Canteen (enough for 72 hours +)
◦ Water Filtration
◦ Food (MRE’s, non perishable)
◦ Mess Kit (bowls, pots, pans etc..)
◦ Eating Utensils (spoon, fork, knife)
• Shelter
◦ Fold-able Shovel (E-tool)
◦ Tarp (durable, waterproof)
• Survival
◦ Knife (preferrably 12 inch or longer)
◦ Basic Survival Kit (the shown kit includes 26 different survival items)
◦ First Aid Kit
◦ Flashlight (don’t forget extra batteries!)
◦ Fire (matches, lighter, waterproof & windproof)
• Protection
◦ Weapon (handgun and/or rifle)
◦ Ammunition
• Knowledge
◦ Survival Handbook  (great guide to survive many situations)

Medium Importance Item Checklist

• Survival (added items)
◦ Binoculars (waterproof, shockproof)
◦ Paracord (550 cord)
◦ Multitool (leatherman)
◦ Knife Sharpener
• Clothing
◦ Rain Gear
◦ Extra Clothes

Low to Medium Importance Item Checklist

• Storage (added items)
◦ Dry Storage Case (keep important items dry)
◦ Waterproof Bags (zip bags or similar)
• Food and Water (added items)
◦ Water Tablets (cleaning water)
• Survival (extra items)
◦ Zip Ties
◦ Carabiner
◦ Snake Bite Kit
• Hygiene
◦ Water Activated Towelettes
◦ Soap & Disinfectant
◦ Toilet Paper
• Traveling
◦ Map
◦ Compass
◦ Hat
◦ Sunglasses
◦ Sunscreen
◦ Pace Count Beads (keep track of distance walked)

If your looking for great choices on finding these items checkout our bug out bag options!

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Have we left anything out in our Bug Out Bag Checklist? Would you change this list in any way? Let us know!!
Also If you are looking for an absolute minimal checklist check out our essentials printable PDF checklist! It will help you in getting started from the ground up from the basics.

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