Basic Rules For Survaval

Here are some basic rules for survival that could help you on your next outing!

This is one of the most important rules for me, Were “Two Is One And One Is None” This is a rule I got from a buddy in the military, and has become one I use in all aspects of my life! What it means is, if you carry one and it breaks, you have nothing! But if you carry two and one breaks, you still have one to use! Also, you have the broken one for spare parts”

if they’re both the same”! It’s a simple rule, but I’ve used it for many years and it’s never failed me and even helped me out of some big problems as I’m sure it will for you as well! Just as a side note you will notice in the kits I put together and things I do, that more offend then not there is more than one form of an item, it may not be the same but it does the same purpose” such as water filters or shelters” and this can save you when you’re far from help or a store to get a replacement! After all if you’re on a trip which you spent thousands of dollars on, and hiked many miles back to a sweet fishing spot, only to find your fishing rod is broken, your whole trip is wasted, but if you had a spare all that you have put into the trip is not lost!

I have added this part to the Rules Of Survival for the fact that many have asked about thing of this nature and about Bear Gryls, Now this is all about RISK people see Bear Gryls on TV taking chances to make TV entertaining, but I have to say one of the rules and probably the most important one of all, is not to take RISKS. Take your time and don’t cut corners or take chances like jumping off cliffs into water, if you break your leg or do something like that you will end up making your Nightmare even worse instead of better slow and steady wins the race!

“Panic & disorientation” One of many things I’ve learned over the years, which may save your life is not to panic. One of the most frequent things people do when they’re lost is trying to get out as fast as they can, sometimes darkness is coming and they are running through the woods trying to find any way out. This is probably one of the worse things you can do, if you do this there’s a 100% percent that you will get more lost because you’re not paying attention to landmarks and points around you. So if you’re lost you should take stock in where you are and what you are doing at all times and think. Taking the time to think may keep you from going in circles.

“Fire” is a thing that some people will think they can do without, but that isn’t the case. Without fire, animals will come around and even though it may be summers you can get Hypothermia and die at night when the temperature drops. It can get quite cold in the summer and without fire or some form of keeping yourself warm, your body will shut down and you will be in a world of hurt. There are many ways to still stay warm, by moving around and getting a shelter ready gathering wood, hunting around for something to eat. Any one of these ways can save your life but don’t sweet, this can have the opposite reaction by cooling down your body and making you wet and colder than you were when you started.

“Food” depending on how big you are! You can survival quite a while without food, providing you have way more body fat to keep your body running. Most people can last three weeks without food, but you will get sick very sick so in a survival situation you should try to eat anything food that becomes available.



“Shelter” You should acquire a shelter A.S.A.P, shelter is one of the must-have things to survive! It can keep you out of the wind and rain and can be a good task to keep your temp up when it gets cold. You can use just about anything for shelter, from a poncho to a large fur tree. You should keep in mind the better the shelter you have the warmer and longer you can stay there, and the better you will feel about your very bad situation! And staying put can get you found much faster.

“Stay in one place” As your mother may have told you when you were little, “stay in one place so I can find you”! Well it applies here too, when searchers look for people they work on a grid. If you keep moving, you may move into a grid were they had searched the day before and that will make it very hard to find you. But if you stay in the one grid, when they search your grid you will be found by processes of elimination!


“Water” is your body’s largest chemical component; the average human body is over 70% water. Water is a must if you plan to survival in the summer, you can lose quite a bit just sitting still on a hot day, your body will need approximately 3 liters to maintain. But if you are lost in the woods you will use allot more! The best thing to do is try to stay calm as much as possible, which I know can be very hard when your mind is running a 100 miles a minute and you’re feeling that you will never get out. Its best to sit down and think it out, this saves water, calories and your sanity!

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