Advanced Bug Out Bag

Advanced Bug Out Bag

The Advanced Bugout Bag includes all items from the Basic Bugout Bag, Intermediate Bugout Bag as well as all of the items shown below. For simplicity reasons, all of these items are found on Amazon so that you can get them all in one place.

Compass – A well made quality compass is hard to come by these days. This compass comes with a magnification lense, sight, graduations in both degrees and mils. This compass has an waterproof aluminum frame and housing. Comes with a carrying pouch, lanyard, and a belt clip. The small survival kit in the basic bugout bag does include a basic compass, but this one makes a better primary
Military Land Navigation

Carabiner – If you need to carry some extra gear, you can easily attach one of these to your bugout bag to carry extra water bottles, medical bags, rope, and many others. They can also be used for rigging, hoisting, emergency repair etc.. The carabiner’s that I have listed here is not recommended for carrying a person per the manufacturer. However if you are looking for climbing gear, the proper gear can be found but can be a little pricey. These Truper Carabiner’s are made out of steel, have spring hooks and can hold up to 500 pounds.
Steel Truper Carabener Pack

Dry Storage Case – Keeping some items dry can be important at times. If you have an item that you don’t want getting smashed in a waterproof bag inside of your bugout bag, these waterproof cases are perfect for those situations. You can keep notes, electronics, maps, or anything you feel is important to not get wet or smashed. This Pelican Case comes with a carabiner and is water resistant, crushproof, as well as dustproof. Plus they come in all sorts of colors!
Pelicase 1050 Black Clear Micro Case with Clear lid and Carabiner

Duct Tape – Strong tape is a great tool for many uses. It can be used for repairing survival gear, building rafts, building shelters, making tools, making weapons, in just about any situation duct tape can be used. Also duct tape can be used for emergency medical situations like large bandaids, slings, and casts. If something needs to be held together in a survival situation, duct tape can probably do it. Adventure Medical makes great compact duct tape rolls for things like bugout bags if you don’t want to go with a large roll of duct tape.
Ductape 2 x 50-inch Rolls by Adventure Medical Kits

Zip Ties – These are wonderful to have around in any situation. They can be used for holding branches for a temporary shelter, if they are looser zipties they can be used for snare making as well. They are also great if your bag or clothing tears zip ties can be used for a quick temporary fix. Save your paracord (550 cord) and use zip ties where you can! The more you cut your paracord, the less uses you can get out of it! Sometimes zip ties are also reusable if careful.
Reusable Zip Ties by Monoprice

Waterproof Bags – These Aloksak bags are great for not only keeping items dry, but can also be inflated to make a pillow or seat cushion. You can use them for water storage, ice packs, or protect food as well. These are some of the best recloseable waterproof bags I have ever come across. Make sure and pick up a few of these, they won’t take up much space in your bugout bag.
ALoksack Water / Sand Proof Dry Bags (Multi 4 Pack – Small)

Snake Bite Kit – This can be a life saver. Don’t forget to include one of these in your bag. You will be glad you did if the time ever comes that you get bitten by a snake and are no where close to get help (which will most likely be the case when you are bugging out). These extractor pumps have been successfully used for over 30 years, and may not be bullet proof but it also may be your best chance. It is recommended to use an individual kit for each fang bite site. These Sawyer Extractor Pump Kits can also extract venom and poisons from snakes, bees, wasps, hornets, mosquitos, ticks, flies, scorpions and more. You must use the kit immediately after the bite or sting takes place. Using your mouth to suck out venom can be deadly, this is a MUCH safer option.
A valuable treatment of snakebite includes this Sawyer Extractor Pump Kit

Mini Towels – Staying clean is an important part of being a survivalist. Whether that be having clean hands to eat or keeping your hygiene well maintained. These Coleman Compressed Mini Towels are extremely compact and store well in your BOB. All you do is simply add a little bit of water to the compressed towel and it will expand into a more normal size towel. Keeping good hygiene is very import when you are out of your elements, it will help prevent you from sicknesses and from skin problems.
Coleman Company Travel Hiking Camping Compressed Mini Towels (Pack of 10)

Water Tablets – As an addition to the importance of water, water tablets are a good way to make clean water. Water tablets are not the best way to clean water (and not the tastiest) but as a last ditch effort if there is no other clean water around these can be a real life saver. I would recommend at least filtering the water through a handkerchief (or some sort of cloth) to get the floating particles out of it, then use the tablets as directed. These water tablets are very compact and light, so you definitely can’t go wrong in throwing them in your bugout bag. These portable Aqua Water tablets come with PA Plus to removes the iodine taste and color. They contain 50 tablets and treats up to 25 quarts.
Using these Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets with PA Plus puts iodine in water without having the nasty taste

Extra – Some other items you may want to consider would be pace count beads, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Is there anything else you would add to your Advanced Bugout Bag? We would love to hear your ideas!

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